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Dad and babyInformation, services and support

Many things contribute to a healthy and safe pregnancy. If you are pregnant or planning a family, Healthy Start can help you get the information and services you need to have a healthy baby, raise a healthy family, and keep yourself healthy and strong. 

Maternal child-health navigators can connect you to the resources you need:

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The Milwaukee Health Department provides services to fathers who are enrolled in Healthy Start. Fathers can be co-enrolled with the mother, or they can be enrolled separately with a child younger than 18 months old. Contacts with fathers can be by in-person home visits, phone calls, and text messages, and services include:

  • Individualized fatherhood/parenting support
  • Referrals to community resources based on goals and needs
  • Connection to additional fatherhood support programs and fatherhood groups

Childbirth Education: four two-hour sessions

  • What to expect in labor and delivery
  • Medical interventions
  • Comfort techniques
  • Postpartum care
  • Baby care

Baby 101: one to two-hour session

  • Baby Care: diapering, swaddling, bathing
  • Safe sleep
  • Car seat safety
  • Comfort techniques for baby
  • CPR and choking techniques


The Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby Program is a free benefit to Chorus Community Health Plans. Services may include:

  • Information and help finding resources in the community
  • Assistance with getting necessary health care and support
  • Personal support from a dedicated Chorus Community Health team that includes Spanish-speaking and breastfeeding support
  • Health education materials before and after the baby is born
  • Pregnant participants who join the program, complete goals, and reach milestones can earn incentives and gifts

  • Co-facilitates the Community Action Network Committee
  • Provides Family Empowerment Program - culturally relevant curriculum
  • Provides culturally relevant training for partners and communities supporting families


Maternal Child Health Navigators can provide:

  • Pregnancy support and education
  • Postpartum support and education
  • Family resources for a healthy home
  • Connections to resources for housing, safety, transportation and employment
  • Support groups

Mental and behavioral health support

Milwaukee County Healthy Start can help.